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A Brief Repose

During the first leg of the CWU project, which took me some 1,700 miles through the Deep South, long stretches of road and the unexpected were the two constants that I could count on each morning w​​hen I started pedaling. While I haven't been putting in 50 miles per day on the Surly lately (it's only 4 miles round-trip to my favorite bar) the unexpected has followed me back home, popping up recently in the form of a w​​ork project that will, unfortunately for CWU, absorb me fully for some time to come.

For now, CWU is temporarily on hold while I focus on the stuff that allows me to ride my bike for six weeks at the stretch. Given the nature of my job, I could be off the saddle for as little as three months, but it will likely take longer for me to wrap up this project and get back out on​​ the road. While I lament the forced touring hiatus, as my grandpa so wisely put it: "you g​​otta make hay while the sun's shining, son."

Thus, to be short and sweet- I am and will continue to be indebted to all of you for your support of my efforts to understand our American neighbors. I hope that you can keep CWU in the back of your minds and maintain open the electronic lines of communication, so that I might one day soon surprise you with the reawakening of the project and its mission. I look forward to seeing you back here again before too long.

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