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New England & Eastern Seaboard: Week 1

My first few days pedaling through New England have been phenomenal.

Day 2: The island village of Vinalhaven, ME (taken from the ferry)

I have noticed that New Englanders don't wave from their trucks. I have also learned that waving from trucks doesn't necessarily correlate to friendliness. The folks up here are as warm and welcoming as any I've ever met.

I met Captain Rich (left) on the ferry, and he invited me to spend the day helping out on his lobster boat

Even if you maintain a surly demeanor yourself, such that you don't want to chat with (and hear that awesome accent of) the locals, the absolutely stunning beauty of the region can crack even the most hardened of humbuggy shells. I have been blown away by the autumn scenery, just like the dry leaves skittering across the asphalt behind my bike.

The little leaf-peeper

Here's another:

A roadside painting, in Maine

One more:

Day's end along a rail-trail, near Lisbon, NH

As always, I've posted clips from my conversations with many of the folks I've met along the way. I'm now chasing the warm weather as I head south towards some of America's most famed cities.

Thanks for keeping me company.

OK just a couple more:

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