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CWU - Great Lakes States is on the way!

After several years, thousands of miles, dozens of states, scores of flat tires, hundreds of interviews, millions of crankset revolutions, and countless hours writing and revising, my first book is finally, finally, set to come off the press soon:

Conversations With US - Great Lakes States is the first of eight planned volumes, each covering a different region of the United States.

The book is full of color photos like these:

Cool maps, like these:

Deep interviews with Americans, like these:

“When I came along during the Depression we didn’t have a thing. I know what being poor is, and I know what it takes to lift yourself up.”

“I don’t even get high anymore. I just take it so I don’t get sick.”

“Stuff’s always going to happen, but you gotta have bad to appreciate good. It’s just keep on fighting, you know? That’s it. With everything.”

“You know, the East and I call it the Left Coast, them guys don’t care about Midwest manufacturing. That’s just the way it is.”

Harrowing adventures, like these :

On the riverbank I had just started disassembling the bike for crossing when something under the shin-deep water made me double take.

... my neighbors would almost certainly call the police if they heard me rustling through my bags out there in the night...

I could add eight miles to my route by taking the long way around, or push the rig through some mud and across a board stretched between the banks.

After five minutes of silent pep-talks I clipped into the pedals, exhaled, and bounced off the sidewalk into the flowing streets.

My squeal echoed from the trees when a small snake half-heartedly struck at me an instant after I dodged to miss it.

The truck rumbled through its turn, clipping the sidewalk with its 3-foot tall tire and missing me by less than a bike length.

Through my tent wall I saw one of the gravestone lights vanish and reappear, vanish and reappear—as if blocked by something passing in front.

And was written by a mild-mannered, trustworthy cycling journalist, like this:

Reserve your copy today by clicking here. For a limited time, I will be autographing all copies ordered through the CWU website, so pre-order soon! Books begin shipping 3/20/19. If you're in the Charlottesville, VA area, come join the book release party!

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