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Prairie Heartland: Weeks 2 & 3

After a long, beautiful day pedaling through the tallgrass prairie of Kansas' Flint Hills I made it to Manhattan, home of Kansas State University. So I decided to head down to the college bar section of town to a place called Kite's to fire off CWU's second update of the Prairie Heartland tour (and to watch the Olympics).

I've had the privilege of talking with lots of interesting and fun folks over the past couple of weeks: historians of Appleton City, MO; a member of the Ponca Indian tribe in Ponca City, OK; a half-dozen young rodeo fans in Holden, MO; the chief of Oklahoma's Wyandotte Nation; and a fellow who recently went off the grid in Schell City, MO...just to name a few. Check out the map below to hear their voices.

Don't forget how much I appreciate seeing your support on CWU's Facebook and Instagram pages. Now...North Dakota or bust!

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