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CWU - Great Lakes States
- Audiobook Sample Chapter -
CWU - Great Lakes States Day 24
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Day 24 Rudy Nelson.jpg
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On Day 24 of my Great Lakes States tour I rode past Ford's Rouge River plant in Dearborn, Michigan and interviewed two Detroiters: retired Ford worker Rudy Nelson and a young white man named Paul. Rudy's photo, above, appears in the book above his funny and informative interview. Paul's photo does not appear in the book. After hearing what he has to say, I think you'll understand why.

CWU v1 - Day 24 p.1.jpg

I produced the audiobook at Virginia Arts Recording in Charlottesville, VA with the help of owner and sound wiz Chris Doermann (middle photo, standing), and two skilled voice actors, Roman Richards (middle photo, sitting) and Crystal Day. Roman portrayed nearly all of the male interviewees you'll hear in the audiobook, including the very different voices of Rudy and Paul in the clip above.  At the last minute before the audiobook's publication, but after Roman had become unavailable, Chris D. and I realized we had missed a few voices. So, I rolled up my proverbial sleeves and took my first shot at voice acting, covering three of my interviewees. Will you be able to tell which ones? I'm not sure, but I am sure glad I didn't have to attempt the same feat with any of Crystal's roles! 

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