West Coast: Week 1

April 13, 2017

Just one week in and I've already inhaled a bowl of Mexican pozole (in Mexico), crossed the Southern California desert, slept among the coyotes, and slayed Los Angeles. 


San Diego



The tour started in sunny San Diego. From there I headed straight for the border like a man on the run.









After a quiet night in Tijuana (you read that right) I turned around and headed into the Southern California desert. 




Some highlights included (click for description): 




A big highlight was my visit to a Buddhist temple to interview the monk who founded it, and my subsequent meditative visit to the Chino Hills.









Day 7 might be the most diverse day I've ever had. I woke up in my tent on top of a hill, rode (and pushed) the touring rig along dirt paths and mud puddles, cruised into Compton for an interview, shot through the heart of Los Angeles, and wound up in a hipster neighborhood a few miles from Hollywood. 


 L.A.'s Walt Disney Concert Hall



I'm now headed up the coast along California's famed Highway 101. Thanks for following along! 




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