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New England & Eastern Seaboard: Week 4

CWU's fourth week pedaling down America's East Coast started with one of the most daunting challenges yet faced by man and 100-lb touring bike: surviving the mean streets of Manhattan.

Actually, they weren't THAT mean, but I did learn that my rig can really move and squeeze through tight spots when it needs to. Here's a helmet cam video mashup of parts of the adventure:

From Manhattan I hopped a ferry to New Jersey, where I had the pleasure of meeting this perpetually-surprised dog.

Then on to Philly, the city where the groundwork for this nation was laid out. Imagine where we'd be if the Founders hadn't understood and practiced the art of compromise in the building now known as Independence Hall.

On Halloween I was stuck camping out alone in Delaware. I thought it was going to be a drag...until I found this hidden cache of firewood and, on the ground a few feet away, this UNOPENED AIRHEADS TAFFY.

I wrapped up Week 4 rolling through Dover Air Force Base where I chatted with a group of men, mostly retired military, who now dedicate much of their time to the restoration and preservation of airplanes.

My final stop was pretty Annapolis, MD. It was a glorious fall day, perfect for hanging out near the water and daydreaming with my pal.

Check out the map below to hear from some of the folks I spoke with along the way!

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