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Big Skies & Rocky Mountains Tour Summary, Part 1

I recently wrapped up a 1,750-mile tour through CWU states 45-49: Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, & Colorado. It was the final big ride of the project. Although state #50, Hawai'i, will signal the actual end of my pedal-powered exploration of America, rolling into #49 Colorado really felt like the apex of my achievement. I guess that's because it was the last state I had to pedal to get to. It's pretty unbelievable to me that CWU is drawing to a close.

Rather than get all sobby and introspective here (I'm sure that will come later) and to avoid trying to cram six weeks of stories and experiences into a few paragraphs of prose, I've decided to just showcase a few photos and videos from each of the days I was on tour. This post covers Days 1-21, with my day's destination noted. The photos/videos were taken throughout the day, generally before arrival at the destination. I like to keep future readers in suspense by saving most of the interview side of the tour for the upcoming books.

Some of you have been supporting CWU since I logged the first project miles in Charleston, SC years ago. Others may be reading about the project for the first time. Regardless, I want to thank all of you for your interest in my journey. I am just a few hundred miles, a handful of interviews, and one state away from the fulfillment of the first half of a dream I set in motion years ago. I am confident the second half--the writing and publishing part--is not too far off, either.

Day 1: Arrival to Casper, WY

Day 2: Casper, WY

Day 3: Independence Rock, WY

Day 4: Jeffrey City, WY

Day 5: Lander, WY

Day 6: Dubois, WY (Eclipse Day)

Day 7: Bridger Nat'l Forest-Falls Campground

Day 8: Grand Teton National Park

Day 9: Yellowstone National Park-Grant Campground

Day 10: Yellowstone National Park-Madison Junction Campground

Day 11: Yellowstone National Park-Mammoth Campground

Day 12: Livingston, MT

Day 13: Livingston, MT

Day 14: Wilsall, MT

Day 15: Bozeman, MT

Day 16: Ennis, MT

Day 17: Island Park, ID

Day 18: St. Anthony, ID

Day 19: Blackfoot, ID

Day 20: Blackfoot, ID

Day 21: Blackfoot, ID

As always, thanks for following along! The final Big Skies & Rocky Mountains update will follow later this month.

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