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New England & Eastern Seaboard: Week 3

As I pedaled south/southwest during Week 3, the color in the trees seemed to defy nature by shifting from striking reds and yellows back to a monochrome green. It's the cost I'm paying for winning my race against the cold.

Exploring Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard was spectacular.

Coming into Rhode Island and then Connecticut along the coast was generally pleasant. I had never seen the Yale University campus in New Haven, and was stunned at its architectural and historical beauty.

After a long battle through Long Island I made it to Brooklyn, NY where I crossed the Manhattan bridge just to get a view of the storied NYC skyline. I planned to launch my cycle-assault down those streets on the morrow.

As is always the case, I came across lots of interesting and thoughtful folks willing to chat with a random guy on a bike:

Also as always- thanks for following along!

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