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Winter Update

Hello, friends!

After a couple off-bike months I've picked back up and once again am in full Conversations with US mode. I won't stop again until wrapping up the entire 50-state project in Hawai'i later this fall.

Over the next couple of weeks you can expect some major website updates, including:

-Detailed GPS data from all of my tours to date showing the exact winding routes I've taken over 11,000+ plus miles

-Updated route maps with lots of photos

-A final update from my recent New England & Eastern Seaboard Tour

-An updated Gear Fix section showing the evolution of my touring rig

For now, here are a few cool updates already in place:

-New sounds from the road from my most recent tour, including what may be the last recording ever made of Cubans playing dominoes while Fidel Castro was still alive. He passed away less than 24 hours after I rode through Little Havana.

-An outline of my upcoming route along the West Coast. Know anyone in one of my stops who might have a sofa for me to crash on, or who might be able to help me connect with a local to interview? Please do be in touch!

And if you missed it from Facebook, check out my first published article about the project and tour, here.

In closing, a few choice photos from my last tour:

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