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West Coast: Weeks 5 & 6

First off: Happy Mother's Day to my biggest supporter, my mom, and also to all of the mothers out there! Without you, I'd have nobody to interview.

Second off: to all of you who have ever said "I'll buy that book when it comes out"'s your chance! A $15 donation to CWU's touring fund will get you a 65-page eBook highlighting one day from each of the six tours I've completed so far. You'll hear from a lot of really interesting folks in there. I hope you'll check it out at my Kickstarter page before the fundraising deadline expires at the end of the month. A free sample of my writing can be found here, in Dakota Fire magazine.

Now- on to the update! At the end of my last post I had just passed into Oregon. It's hard to believe that was just 10 days ago. Since then I have:

--narrowly escaped a hailstorm and been on the news because of it

--climbed mountains past piles of snow and a frozen lake, and had to re-route because of blocked roads

-camped at a deserted (because it was closed) campground near the Umpqua River

-interviewed and taken a bike ride with Brian Roddy, the owner of the only American manufacturer of aluminum bicycle wheels (Rolf Prima is the company)

-saved a snake from getting run over, cruised through Oregon State University, and chatted with two football players

-stayed with a family who lives in a neighborhood of hobby pilots, where everyone has an airplane in their garage

--visited with friends in Portland, and then chatted with KATU News on my way out of town (and before my morning coffee)

Things will be winding down soon for CWU's West Coast tour. Thanks for following along!

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